Our leaders come from careers of implementing success, which is a big reason why M&S shines in achieving the highest customer satisfaction levels in solution delivery.

We have worked hard to build an organization that attracts like-minded leaders at all levels of the organization that have sincere intentions, a love for learning, and the ability and passion to truly accomplish exceptional results while kindly helping those around us.


Sanu Chadha

Managing Partner

Ashok Aggarwal

Managing Partner

Daidre Fanis

Associate Partner (AP)

Tina Mascaro

Associate Partner (AP)

Jay Mason

Associate Partner (AP)

Richard Glass

Public Sector & Atlassian

Hazem Hower

Cloud & Infrastructure

Brandon Jones

Design & Branding

Shruti Karat

ERP & Big Data

Jimmy Lutz

Client Success

Drew Lytton

Drew Lytton

Custom Development

Mark Wittkopp

Commercial Business

Casey Zaitz

Project Management & Organizational Transformation

Maren Jensen

Chief Marketing Officer

Michelle Hopkins

Director of Health and Life Science

Leadership Testimonials

Many people who work with M&S find it surprising that we are such an easy and reasonable company to work with.
Here are just a few nice comments that people who have worked with M&S and our leaders have said.

I Surround Myself with M&S

I am always amazed that I like everyone I meet at M&S Consulting. To me, that means it is an organization with a strong management and leadership team that has imbibed the company with a strong culture of quality and kindness. Sanu, Ashok, and their team at M&S are the kind of people I want to surround myself with.

Who am I?

John M.

Partner @ Large Systems Integrator

I want to feel this way too!

M&S Makes Me Successful

I have had the pleasure of working with Ashok on several occasion for the last three years. I have found Ashok to be an effective business partner and an extremely reliable resource. Ashok is very well organized, despite the many projects he juggles. Most importantly he instills a feeling of confidence and trust when he works with our customers. This ability to help us develop long lasting relationships with our clients is extremely rare for a consultant. I don’t consider Ashok just any other consultant, but rather a trusted advisor and partner. Ashok is extremely skilled in his arena and all of our customers have been extremely happy with the implementations that Ashok and his team have completed for them.

Who am I?

Maria M.

Project Manager @ Oracle Managed Services Firm

I want to feel this way too!

Bright, Hard Working, Friendly, Good

Jay has helped me numerous times over the last 10 years with overall technology strategy and delivery. He's made a significant impact on transforming my business from a regional business focus to a major national presence with the effective use of technology and automated business processes. Jay is a bright, hard working, friendly, all-around good guy. I highly recommend getting in touch with Jay if your current IT service providers aren't meeting your needs in a pleasant and timely manner.

Who am I?

Todd S.

CEO @ National Online Retailer

I want to feel this way too!