Getting it DONE. Making it BETTER
Succeeding TOGETHER.


M&S (which stands for Management and Solutions) was conceived in 2002 with the vision of creating highly effective teams of elite consultants to deliver strategic process and technology solutions to enterprise organizations across the US. Our commitment to delivery in complex environments and long-term customer success has merged process and technology into innovative solutions, established deep pockets of expertise, and enabled innovative transformation for evolving businesses.

We have intentionally cultivated steady growth focused on being approachable and helpful to our dearly valued clients and closely cared-for employees. M&S people simply “care hard”, and this reflects in our work products, our interactions, and our culture.

We work hard each day as we live by our slogan:

Done. Better. TOGETHER.

Our Core Business Values

  • Commitment to Long-Term Customer Success

    “Our business is making yours better”

  • Deep Expertise, Innovative Solutions

    Across all of our Focus Areas

  • Demonstrated and Proven Wins

    Long history of wins and satisfied customers

  • Close Partnerships

    We take our partners’ outcomes personally.

Front Title

You all came in here with the technical knowledge we needed, but I’m amazed at how quickly you understood and improved our business processes as well.

Back Title

Project Manager, Higher Education Institution

I want to feel this way too!

Our Leaders

  • Meet Our Leadership Team

    Our leaders come from careers of implementing success, which is a big reason why M&S shines in achieving the highest customer satisfaction levels in solution delivery. We have worked hard to build an organization that attracts like-minded leaders at all levels of the organization that have sincere intentions, a love for learning, and the ability and passion to truly accomplish exceptional results while kindly helping those around us.

Meet Our Leaders

Front Title

Leadership is about being okay with not having control, knowing others are going to make many mistakes, and having confidence (but still not knowing 100%) that you can handle the mistakes gracefully. And it is also about having the judgement to calculate, the courage to take control, and the competence to fix a very bad situation when the time comes.

Back Title

Managing Partner, M&S Consulting

I want to feel this way too!

Business Partners

  • Trusted Partnerships

    M&S forges strong partnerships with selected software vendors, systems integrators, trainers, and other organizations that deliver in our ecosystem. We enjoy partnering with organizations as we recognize that the greatest success comes when many people can come together to accomplish a common goal.

  • Subcontracting

    In addition to our end-to-end solutions, we are open to working in a subcontracting relationship where clients that have needs can involve M&S and our niche expertise to deliver success.

Learn more about our partnerships

Front Title

You all must be the best-kept secret in the consulting world. I have worked with lots of consultancies and skilled contractors, but I have never worked with a group of people so smart and personable as M&S.

Back Title

Salesforce Developer, Publicly-Traded Telecommunications Company

I want to feel this way too!

Front Title

You’re the best I have.

Back Title

Managing Partner, Global Oracle Consulting Firm

I want to feel this way too!

Service Delivery Models

  • End-to-End Solutions

    Complete solution life cycle services, well beyond typical SDLC: software selection, budgeting, project management, discovery, design, measurement, process analysis, implementation, testing/verification, maintenance, and continuous improvement.

  • Ongoing Support

    Ongoing technology solution support performed remotely or on-site. In addition to supporting common IT functions, M&S understands each organization’s unique environment and needs. As a result, many times, support and maintenance engagements evolve into enhancement projects.

  • Staff Augmentation

    Recruitment for customers in need of full time employees or projects requiring short-term contractors. Project managers, process and technology solution architects, technical developers and system engineers, functional subject matter experts, testing specialists, business analysts, IT Support specialists, and database/system administrators.

  • Train, Mentor, Advise

    Customized on-site and remote guidance leveraging our real-world experience and best practices, while ensuring the customer’s specific environment, in-house expertise, project status, and organizational culture are taken into consideration. Temporary/part-time CXO support for organizations in a leadership transition as well as sales, marketing, technology, operations, and overall organizational strategy support.

A Sampling of Our Valued Clients

Bureau of the Fiscal Service US Department of the Treasury
Brooks Instruments
Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services
State of Massachusetts
Department of Health and Human Services
Department of Justice
Department of the Navy
The Department of the Treasury
EPRI Electric Power Research Institute
FAA Federal Aviation Administration